Sent: Wed, Oct 13, 2021 8:35 am
Subject: Leelanau Indivisible – Meeting update

Good Morning Indivisibles,
Interesting Board of Commissioner’s meeting last night.  First, there was virtually no discussion about the Health Department.  Commissioner Lautner never brought the subject up and the budget passed 4-3 without any attempt to underfund the department.  It was only mentioned at the very end of the meeting when Commissioner Wessell asked that all the commissioners be more supportive of the Heath Department and respect their work. This occurred at 2:59 in the meeting.  Thank you all who wrote and supported the Health Department.  Whatever the concerns of Commissioner Lautner were last week regarding the department, she chose not to bring them up last night.       
The most interesting portions of last night’s meeting were when the county clerk, Michelle Crocker, spoke about the reorganization of the government and the formation of a new finance department.  As far as I know she has been silent during the whole process and last night she got a few things off her chest.  As you may remember this was first introduced by Commissioner Robbins at the May meeting when he moved to create a finance department and an HR department, removing the HR responsibilities from the administrator’s office and finance from the clerk.  It was supported by Commissioners Lautner, Bunek and Rushton.  The final price tag for this is $200,000 and it was included in the budget that passed last night with a 4-3 vote.  I think you will find the comments by Michelle interesting.  She made her first statement during public comment on the budget,  You will find that at 43:50 of the recording of the meeting.  It’s worth listening to.  She spoke again at  2:03:26 in the meeting when Commissioner Wessell asked her opinion on the implementations of these changes.  His concern was that there was no plan for the transition of these responsibilities from the clerk’s office to the new department.  Again, she was candid and forceful.  The recording for the meeting is available at  
Take a minute to listen to these comments.  I doubt we have heard the last of this.
It was also nice that the prayer was given by Arlene Kashata, Tribal Elder, from the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians.  She spent some time explaining the prayer and was interrupted by Chairman Bunek to speed it up.  If you would like to listen, it comes at the very beginning of the meeting.  Commissioner Allgaier also read a Land Acknowledgement at the beginning of the regular meeting (1:13).
Thanks to all who took the time to write letters and make comments.  We have found our voice and must continue to use it.  

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