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About Us

We the (LCDP), an active, progressive organization whose goal is to enhance the quality of life in Leelanau County and its surrounding jurisdictions. Through the commitment of our members and the election of responsive government officials, we  strive to improve the environment, economy, education, and healthcare in our County. Leelanau Democrats are an inclusive group of individuals working hard and having fun making a positive impact on our community.

We respect the conscience of each American and recognize that members of our party have deeply held, and sometimes differing, positions on issues of personal conscience, such as abortion and the death penalty. We recognize the diversity of views as a source of strength, and we welcome into our ranks all Americans who may hold differing positions on such issues.

We Are Leelanau County Democrats

As Leelanau County Democrats, we believe that the citizens of Leelanau County deserve a government:

Dedicated to reasoned deliberation and civil discourse and to a diversity of views and initiatives for county advancement.

Working constructively to help people, families, and businesses to flourish in Leelanau County.

Acting to accommodate the housing needs of the workers Leelanau County needs.

Doing all this in a fiscally responsible way.

Democracy That Works

For a representative democracy to work, it must work for everyone, not just the rich and well connected. We support:

Court reform to assure judges are not beholden to political contributors or parties.

Real campaign reform to eliminate the dominance of corporations, lobbyists, and special interest groups.

Foreign policy geared to the common good, rather than special interests.

The right to vote, free of all politically motivated obstruction.

Opportunity for All

A government established by, for, and of the people is obligated to protect those who cannot provide for themselves. We support:

Insuring that small businesses and family farms can compete fairly in today’s economy.

A tax system that assures all Americans pay their fair share.

Investment in renewable, nonpolluting energy.

Air, water, forests, and public lands protected by vigorous enforcement of laws.

A strong national defense, as well as fair compensation and health care for veterans and the active military.

Social Justice

As Democrats, we in Leelanau County stand on the shoulders of giants in advocating for social justice. We proudly support:

Equal opportunity for all Americans and vigorous protection against discrimination.

Equal pay for women and men performing comparable work.

Protection for every woman’s reproductive choices.

The right to organize and bargain collectively.

A fair immigration and guest worker policy that respects families.

Security for Our Families

The Democrats of Leelanau County are committed to reversing the decline of the middle class and strengthening our social support networks. We support:

An economy that values labor and rewards honest work with a living wage and good benefits.

Helping people and business to thrive by investing in infrastructure.

Pensions and retirement plans that are secure and portable.

A stable, publicly funded (not privatized) Social Security system.

Affordable universal health care.

Universal access to quality free public education K-12, and to affordable skilled-trade, college, and university education.

Affordable, quality child care and early childhood education.