Leadership Team & General Membership Meeting

NOTICE OF GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING11:00 A.M.     Saturday, August 3rdMunekke Room, Leland LibraryPlease Join Us!Lavora Barnes, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, will speak about the importance of the 2020 election & what is happening with the MDP.Get inspired & learn what you can do to make sure 2020 is another Big Blue Wave!  It’s

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Indivisibles Picnic

We have spectacular news about our picnic on August 8.  Governor Whitmer will be coming!!!!  So, please clear your calendars for the afternoon of August 8 from 1-4.  She is scheduled to be there at 3:00. More specifics will be coming, and maybe even more surprises.  From: Jill Wellman <>To: Jill Wellman <>Cc: Jill Wellman

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Image of gavel.

Amendment to Bylaws

Approved in the General Membership Meeting of 6/1/2019added clause in italics Section D: Election of Officers and Delegates at Large1. Within thirty (30) days following the Fall Convention, in even numbered years, the Executive Committee, acting without the officers of the LCDP who are not otherwise members of the Executive Committee, shall meet and elect a

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PDs & Pizza

Wrangled Cats Wrangler’s Notes Sent: Fri, May 17, 2019 1:05 pmSubject: You Are the GREATEST! Many, many thanks to you wonderful PDs for attending our first PDs and Pizza Party 2019.  I so enjoyed being with you all, and particularly appreciate the outstanding contributions from David Jeris (MORE than Adequate Treasurer and slide maker), Fred

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