The Michigan Legislature will be meeting on Monday to decide on a stimulus plan for Michigan families and businesses hurt by Covid-19.  Governor Whitmer is facing opposition to this plan and needs us to contact our representatives and Leadership to let them know we support this stimulus plan.  It is urgent that we let them know they need to pass a funding bill to continue this program that has helped so many stay in their homes.We need support to help those most impacted by COVID-19The governor has called for $50 million in assistance in the supplemental for the Michigan Eviction Diversion ProgramThe package would go towards unemployment benefits, helping businesses hit hardest by the pandemic, and to help the health care industry with personal protective equipment needs.  Governor Whitmer has asked we call the following members:Please call or email:Majority Leader Shirkey: 517-373-5932, SenMShirkey@senate.mi.govSpeaker Chatfield:  517-373-2629, LeeChatfield@house.mi.govChairman Stamas: 517-373-7946, SenJStamas@senate.mi.govChairman Hernandez: 517-373-0835, ShaneHernandez@house.mi.govSenator VanderWall: 517-373-1725, SenCVanderwall@senate.mi.govThank You!!!

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