Indivisible Update

Sent: Thu, Oct 15, 2020 9:07 am
Subject: Boycott Trump’s Town Hall event on NBC tonight and other important ongoing and upcoming actions

Indivisibles:Here are two upcoming actions for your consideration:1.) Set your TV or DVR to ABC at 8 p.m. tonight to boost the ratings for Biden’s Town Hall (see details below from Celeste Crouch) and,2.) There is a Women’s March this Saturday, October 17, at 1 p.m. Traverse City Open Space.  It is a gathering for “Real Enduring Change”.  Pull out those pink pussy hats and bring your masks and signs and mark your calendar for this Saturday.  Make this a safe event with your masks and keeping 6 feet away from everyone.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Joe Biden has a Climate Voters group you can join in case you are interested. Nessel has issued a public statement regarding law enforcement’s obligation to protect voters on November 3rd. And also a .pdf of the list of laws to be enforced:
And for extra credit,  if you are in an “I’m in the mood to kick butt” frame of mind, DemCast has a great program for you to use your social media account(s) and create a media storm:  Here are the details and how you can sign up.
We’ve got less than 3 weeks to make sure we send Joe and Kamala to the White House and we are leaving no stone unturned. So when the Biden Campaign came asking for our help, we knew we could count on you to pitch in. It’s a small ask as far as time committment, but it will pay a huge dividend.  We need to flood the swing states with pro-blue messaging and Biden is providing tailor-made material for your state.Our Ask: Download the app and share content on your social media accounts daily for the next 3 weeks. All you need to do is to download the Greenfly App in the ​Apple Store​ or ​Google Play​ and use one of the following invite codes to login and create your account:

  • If you’re based in Florida, use: BIDEN20TWEETERSFL
  • If you’re based in Arizona, use: BIDEN20TWEETERSAZ
  • If you’re based in Wisconsin, use: BIDEN20TWEETERSWI
  • If you’re based in Michigan, use: BIDEN20TWEETERSMI
  • If you’re based in Pennsylvania, use: BIDEN20TWEETERSPA
  • If you’re based in North Carolina, use: BIDEN20TWEETERSNC
  • If you’re based in Nevada, use: BIDEN20TWEETERSNV
  • If you’re based in Minnesota, use: BIDEN20TWEETERSMN

Connect your social media accounts to the app. You will be notified as new state specific messages are ready to share to your network. These will include a graphic, suggested caption, and the social media platform they think it works best on, and with one tap, it can be posted directly to your social media platform.If a piece of content doesn’t speak to you — don’t share it! This only works if it feels authentic to you and the reason why you’re voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.If you’re looking for other content to share, you can click the Library icon and post whatever you like!Let us know if you’ve successfully downloaded the app! We want to see the impact DemCast can have in this crucial time. In solidarity,Nick, Jamie and Lori


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