Late January Blast

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On 1/26, Run for Something is hosting a webinar exclusively for folks interested in running for office in rural areas. If you’re interested, sign up today! The rural way of life is worth fighting for. Taking care of our neighbors and grinding through every day together with grit and self-determination is what we do and how we live.Now, more than ever, young people who care about their communities need to run for office. By serving your neighbors as an elected official you can help ensure they have the tools they need to build a good life- quality education, access to affordable healthcare, and a fair shake when it comes to jobs and training. If you’re 40 or under, and want to make your community stronger- Run for Something wants to help by getting you elected to state or local office. We’ll help you figure it out from start to finish.

Tom Bryant managed Rep. Cheri Bustos’ tough 2020 win in Central Illinois and is now Senior Director of the One Country Project to improve Democrats’ relationship with rural voters.Tom will train us on matching tactics to your district’s geography. He will share how a campaign can be most effective in allocating resources and getting your message out in the mail, digital, and TV.Thursday, January 27, 3 ET / 2 CTRegister here for the sessionAmong other campaign experiences, Tom was the North Dakota Democrats’ Coordinated Campaign Director for Heidi Heitkamp’s 2018 Senate campaign after serving as a field director and organizer over three years for their state party. Join us for some practical campaign advice from a savvy heartland practitioner.


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