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23 comments on “Login/Register”

  1. Larry Hauser Reply

    Registered users can access additional content and enjoy enhanced editorial privileges,

    • Larry Hauser Reply

      Brian, you need to include a username and a valid e-mail address for me to make you a registered user on this site. Once you’re registered, your posts will appear instantly instead of having to await moderation & approval.

    • Larry Hauser Reply

      I do know Autumn, and her worthwhile husband, Adam, and most of her nearest outlaws, who live across the street. I have sent you her e-mail by e-mail.

  2. Larry Hauser Reply

    I have registered you Deb, and sent you a password reset link. Welcome aboard.

    • Larry Hauser Reply

      Wendy I have enrolled you as a Subscriber. You should have received an auto-generated password. I will e-mail you a password reset link.

  3. Christine Flaga Reply

    I have donated and am mailing my membership form and dues. I would like to register.
    Username = cflaga
    Christine Flaga

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