St. Pat Day Zoom with Dana Nessel

Subject: Dana Nessel Joins Us on St. Patrick’s Day!

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Last week Congress passed the American Rescue Plan. All Democratic members of the Michigan Delegation voted in favor of the ARP.  Every Republican voted NO on sending you a stimulus check. Every Republican voted NO on faster vaccine distribution. Every Republican voted NO on economic relief for renters, small businesses & schools. Every Republican voted NO on cutting child poverty in half. Thank you to the Michigan Democrats that fought for working families by voting for the American Rescue Plan. The ARP will help fund vaccinations for more Americans, provide direct financial help for people to survive the pandemic, safely return students back to school and so much more. In Michigan, the state legislature sent the supplemental funding bill, which would provide direct relief to Michiganders, to the Governor for signature.  She is working through the pieces of that bill this week.  
Biden/CongressMore than two-thirds of Americans (68%) approve of Biden’s approach to the pandemic.  The bill extends far beyond stimulus payments and unemployment benefits that have received most of the attention: It would expand the child tax credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit, provide more generous support for child-care expenses and bolster the Affordable Care Act to the tune of tens of billions of dollars.The American people voted for leaders who would deliver the relief they need to weather this pandemic and economic crisis — and they won’t forget that Democrats answered the call for help. Senate and House Democrats came together to pass President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, a relief bill that includes: direct payments to Americans, expanded and extended unemployment benefits, funding for vaccine distribution, funding to safely reopen schools, and assistance for small businesses. While our country is in need and folks are hurting, Republicans in Congress once again tried to stand in the way of helping the American people. The contrast couldn’t be clearer: Democrats will continue the fight to end this pandemic and to build back better.Seven of Michigan’s elected members of Congress voted against the American Recovery Act – Rep. Jack Bergman, Rep. Bill Huizenga, Rep. Peter Meijer, Rep. John Moolenaar. Rep. Fred Upton, Rep. Tim Walberg, and Rep. Lisa McClain.Details of the American Rescue Plan include:DIRECT PAYMENTS TO 158.5 MILLION HOUSEHOLDS: ARP will send $1,400 checks for 158.5 million American households – the single largest direct payment to date. A typical family of four making $100,000 will get $5,600 in direct checks. UNEMPLOYMENT EXTENDED THROUGH AUGUST: ARP extends unemployment insurance for around 11 million Americans who would otherwise start losing benefits next week – and protecting them from surprise tax bills.  TENS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS FOR RENTERS, HOMEOWNERS ARP extends tens of billions of dollars in rental and homeowners assistance that will benefit lower-income, disproportionately Black and Brown, renters and homeowners. $39 BILLION FOR CHILD CARE PROVIDERS: ARP helps working and middle-class families struggling to juggle child care and work by providing money to reopen schools safely and get vaccines in arms, so kids can return to school and parents can go back to work. This includes the most significant investment in American child care since World War II.  66 MILLION KIDS WILL BENEFIT FROM CHILD TAX CREDIT: ARP lifts 11 million people out of poverty and cuts child poverty in half, including through a historic expansion of the child tax credit that will benefit 66 million kids across our country. EITC EXPANDED TO 17 MILLION WORKERS: ARP expands the Earned Income Tax Credit to 17 million low-income workers.HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUMS LOWERED, 100% OF COBRA PREMIUMS COVERED FOR LAID-OFF WORKERS: Significantly reduces health insurance premiums for millions of American families. A family of four making $90,000 could see their monthly premium come down by $200 per month.[email protected]Register here:


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