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This weekend is the Michigan Democratic Party’s ONE Campaign’s second Weekend of Action, when hundreds of volunteers from across the state of Michigan will be reaching out to their friends and neighbors to ensure everyone has access to an absentee ballot!

These phone calls can make the difference between someone voting and not voting during a pandemic, so they are so incredibly important! 

We lost in 2016 by 10,704 votes. That’s 2 votes per precinct. Our complacency got us into this mess, but our determination and fight will get us out. Every number you dial, every person you talk to could be the difference between 4 more years of Donald Trump and a future that we can believe in! 
So don’t hesitate to sign up for one shift. Heck, don’t hesitate to sign up for two! The only way Joe Biden, Gary Peters, and Democrats up and down the ticket win is if we work for it. We have to leave no doubt about the outcome of this election! Sign up below!

Here is a link to sign up:

For more information contact Eli Judge, One Campaign Regional Coordinator at: [email protected]

We need to work for every VOTE!  It is up to us.  We can no longer canvass door to door so, sit back in your favorite chair or on your deck, grab an ice tea and make some calls!  Give an hour or more of your time to make a difference.  We need to win by BIG numbers so election results are not challenged. Your help will ensure that Democrats decisively win and we have another Big Blue Wave in 2020!  Thank YOU!
Help us get the word out to VOTE  for Beth McGill-Rizer for Michigan’s 101st State House of Representatives!  We have endorsed Beth over her primary opponent.  Absentee Primary Ballots are being mailed now so PLEASE tell everyone YOU know to VOTE FOR BETH!  Beth would be challenging the incumbent Republican, Jack O’Malley, if she wins her primary. We need to Flip the Michigan House BLUE in 2020!  We all know that our Governor needs all the support she can get!  Thank You!From Fems for Dems...
Flip The Michigan House – Fems Extreme Michigan House Takeover / MakeoverSaturday, July 11, 2020 11:00 AM 12:30 PMDon’t forget that the elections held in Michigan will greatly impact our future. It’s not just the Presidential election. Fems for Dems is working to help flip the State House in order to stop efforts by the Republicans to block efforts in Michigan and to make this a better place to live. We can do it with your help. In 2018, Democrats picked up 5 seats, and we were only 2,803 votes short of winning an outright majority. We must have an Extreme Makeover – Michigan House Edition! Below are several different ways you can help!Just a few troubling items that are on our minds these days:Michigan is ranked 29 out of 50 states in road, bridge and dam condition. The Republicans have blocked every effort made by Governor Whitmer to “fix the damn roads!”Michigan has an 81% high school graduation rate (National average = 85%).  The Republican controlled House wants to slash public school funding by up to 25%..More than 650,000 Michiganders rely on the expanded Medicaid program.Congressional Republicans are fighting to keep in place the onerous task of reporting work hours to keep their benefits during a global pandemic.How you can help:Attend our July 11th, 11am event to hear directly from elected officials and candidates on how we can all help. We have two options to attend this event. Please note that you can always donate more than the donation amounts listed below. Zoom Webinar – $5 donationIn-person event* – $20.20 donationA few candidates that we have already confirmed: Chokwe Pitchford – HD 79, Julia Pulver – HD 39, Dan O’Neil – HD 104, Sarah Schulz – HD 98, and Christine Morse – HD 61. Supporting them and other candidates is critical to flipping the House.*NOTE: We will be having an-person (outside and socially distant) offering for anyone wanting to do that – including of course any local candidates/reps. The number of spots is limited and subject to the ability to follow current health guidelines.After you RSVP for this event, we will send you the Zoom link (or address in Oakland County where we are hosting this event).P.S. We plan to have an additional pop-up event in Macomb County on a different date.To register go here:


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