The right wing carbon agenda coming at us from Trump and the Republican Congress MUST be stopped!!  Representative Jack Bergman’s job is to REPRESENT US, the PEOPLE of his district.  So far, he is voting in sync with his right wing campaign platform.  HE NEEDS TO HEAR FROM US!!

MoveOn and the Indivisible Team have called us to go to Representative Bergman’s office everytuesday for the next 100 days!!  We in the TC region are answering that call.

JOIN US  at 10:30 am on tuesdays, starting Jan 31…….then Feb 7, feb 14, Feb 28…….the week of Feb 21, Bergman will be ‘in district’, and we are waiting to  get his schedule.  We’ll continuetuesday rallies at his office until further notice.  Arrive by 10:15, so we can gather in the parking lot……bring signs, questions, and suggestions.
Bergman’s office address is 1396 Douglas Dr, Set 22a, Unit 101.  Driving south on Garfield, turn right on Ashland……the building is on the right.

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