We are going to have a media event this tuesday at noon, Oct 23!   Brandon Dillon is coming to Leelanau, they are arranging to have the media come, and he will have a BIG blow up prescription bottle to showcase the ‘Dems are going to save your healthcare’ message!

WE NEED PEOPLE – US – THERE TO SHOW THE MEDIA DEMS ARE BEHIND THIS ISSUE!!   He will of course talk about how our candidates will fight for people’s healthcare and fight to lower prescription drug costs…….
Please save the date, and plan to come……..and bring 4 or 5 friends!  Let’s show them that Leelanau cares!   We’ll gather at the headquarters, and at noon we’ll join Brandon and company at the corner – outside the Roman Wheel.

1 comment on “Brandon Dillon “Dem’s are going to save your healthcare!” happening”

  1. John Hunter Reply

    There is probably an outside chance that the “Trump Chicken ” could show up, if it would be of help…????

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