Calling All Precinct Delegates

Hello Once Again, Fellow PDs!
As I’m basking in the good feeling generated by all your Wellness Calls and the speed with which you took them on, I’ve realized that maybe it’s now time to get started thinking about how we can help in Election 2020.  So let’s do it!
Generally, PDs are asked to do the following for elections:  canvas (do lit drops) for the candidates or help by driving those who do;  scout out good locations for campaign signs; serve as poll challengers at the polls on election day; other activities as needed.  This year may be a bit different for obvious reasons, so here are some ideas to think about:
*  Call County Candidates in your precincts as soon as possible and ask them how they could use help — now and moving forward.  Knowing there is a strong team of willing Precinct Delegates standing ready to assist with calls or whatever will be tremendously encouraging to our candidates.  I will get a “roster” of our candidates with their contact information to you as soon as possible.  It’s an impressive list!*  Signs will most likely be distributed by you, our PDs.  The LCDP will not be opening an office this year, so PDs can be extremely instrumental in helping connect their candidates and volunteers with signs and other campaign materials as needed.  And, as always, keep on the lookout for good sign locations.*  Text voters with campaign and voting information — this program is being developed and administered by Indivisible.  Please let me know if you would like to have training on this and I can give you the connections.*  Other ideas are being developed and organized by the Michigan Democratic Party.  I will try to keep you posted on these and how we can become involved.*  Letters — it’s not too soon, and is VERY helpful, to write letters to the editors of the Enterprise, Record Eagle and Northern Express.  It could be especially helpful to address the good job being done by our Commission incumbents (or bad decisions by their opponents!).
Again, I’ll be sending you contact information shortly for our candidates and am always available for your suggestions, questions and great ideas.
Many thanks,
Betsy    Precinct Delegate Coordinator (aka “Wrangler”!)


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