Climate March

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Saturday will be a festive, happy day with all of us gathered at the Open Space to participate in Traverse City’s own Climate March to coincide with the March in DC and cities around the globe.
There will be speakers, music, food, booths, and a real March.  Bring your signs, the kids, the grandkids, great grandkids and the dog as long as it is properly leashed. We’ll have fun and Support Our Planet because there is no Planet B.
Info from Eric Keller, Northern Michigan Regional Director for the League of Conservation Voters, and organizer ‘in chief’ for our Climate March, follows……
1. Mark your calendar – and RSVP!
The march takes place this Saturday, April 29 from 12:00pm – 3:00pm at The Open Space in downtown Traverse City. Don’t forget to RSVP!
2. Sign up to volunteer
From telling folks about the event, to poster making parties, to helping collect petition signatures, there are lots of ways to chip in. Sign up here
3. Spread the word
Don’t forget to Invite your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors. Nobody likes to march alone (though you’ll be surrounded by tons of amazing people). But seriously, the more the merrier! If you haven’t already RSVP’d to the Facebook event, do it – and then invite everyone you know.
4. The award for the best sign goes to…
You! Or so we hope. Get your arts and crafts on and make a great, solutions-based sign to use while you march. Don’t forget to post a pic on social media and tag Michigan LCV.
5. Donate!
This one is pretty simple – and pretty darn important. Donate to help pull off the best climate march ever! We appreciate every dollar.
Have questions? Don’t be shy! Give us a shout.
See you soon!
Eric Keller
Northern Michigan Regional Coordinator

P.O. Box 215
Empire, MI  49630
Visit LCDP Website
Facebook Page
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