Dan Scripps v. Dark Money & Very vice versa

Please take a moment to read the message below.  The use of extremely dark money to promote outright lies about Dan Scripps and Lon Johnson is outrageous — but can be effective if we don’t counteract it.   If you aren’t already volunteering, please call Gwenne Allgaier (633-1800) to help distribute literature or Cindy Hollenbeck (499-9004) to make some Get Out The Vote phone calls.  And send the message below to anyone you know who may be on the fence or not sure if they will vote on Tuesday.

Thank you

Dear Leelanau,
Election Day 2016 is just two days from today. And it’s increasingly clear that momentum is on our side and we’re well positioned for victory on Tuesday.
But make no mistake: Lansing Republicans aren’t going to give up without a fight. We see this every time we turn on the TV or radio or open our mailboxes or get another deceptive robocall.
The Michigan Campaign Finance Network and the Detroit News have uncovered how Lansing Republicans and special interests are using secretive dark money in key State House races – including our own.
What’s more, non-partisan groups like the Michigan Truth Squad have found that the attacks being made against my record are completely without merit – that they go from “stretching the truth to snapping it, setting it on fire and then running it over with a pickup truck.”
This is how democracy dies. These groups spread lies to voters in the hopes that the politicians they endorse will enact their hidden agendas, all with secretive money that’s impossible to trace. For too long, our state government has lacked transparency and accountability for their actions, prioritizing corporate gain over the needs of the people it is elected to serve. But we can fight back.
The answer to dishonest political tactics and discredited attacks is you
Every door you knock, every phone call you make, every voter you talk to in these final days of this election is a stand for a more honest form of politics and a better future for our state.
And your efforts are working!
Last week, an independent poll showed us leading by four points as we head into the final stretch. And just yesterday, a group of prominent Republicans, including two former senior officials in Governor Snyder’s administration, endorsed my campaign.
But now is no time to let up!
Help us today. With the help of volunteers like you spreading our message, we can succeed in bringing an end to this lack of transparency from our State Government. The only way to push back against these attacks from corporate special interests is knocking on doors, making phone calls, and reminding your friends and neighbors about the importance of voting.
Don’t let dark money push out local voices. Sign up to volunteer, talk with other voters, and be sure to vote November 8th. Together, we can put people – not special interests – first. 
On to victory!


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