Dem Blast June 2017

from Gwenne

Summer is upon us…..and with it our families and friends, sunshine and summer fun.  Amidst the glory we enjoy in Leelanau County though, we are also aware of our need to continue to work to preserve our environment, our healthcare system and our Democracy from  Republicans who are determined to role back progress we have made.   Please be aware of a few upcoming events – we hope that you can join us!
Parades:  We will be marching in the Cedar Parade, in Cedar, on Saturday, June 24th.  Meet at the Solon Twnshp Hall at 3:30, the parade starts at 4.
  – The Glen Arbor Parade is on the 4th of July – meet at 10:30 at the Christian Science Church at Forest and 109.
  – The Leland Parade is at 3:30 on July 4th….meet at 2:30…..look for us on the streets between Lk Michigan and M22, southwest of Leland, where all of the parade floats gather for the parade (was that clear as mud??).
We need people to walk in our Parades – join us – we have signs.  It’s fun!
  – Don’t forget to put our Annual Labor Day Picnic on your calendar too – it’s always at 1:00, at Peterson Park.  We’ll be sending out more info later.
Meanwhile, our wonderful letters writers continue to write informed Letters to the Editor, our Indivisible groups throughout the area continue with activism to oppose the pull back of progressive reforms, and potential candidates are testing waters for the 2018 elections.  Our Book Club is reading great books, we are doing food drives and highway cleanups.
If you haven’t joined the Leelanau Democratic Party yet, we hope you will do so – we use your membership dues carefully to support candidates who will fight for our environment and our quality of life.  Go to our website,, or check out our Facebook group…..
We hope that you enjoy your summer……come join us at the Parades……and note the info below about the Green Energy events this weekend in TC!!
Gwenne Allgaier
Chair, Leelanau Democratic Party
An action you can take:
Contact Mitch McConnell and ask him why are they hiding the health care bill? Demand transparency. Call Senators Stabenow (202 224 4822) and Peters (202 224 6221) and ask them to withhold consent on all Senate business until Republicans agree to hold a public hearing on Trumpcare (AHCA).  They also need to know that their constituents are behind them.
 The Traverse City Green Energy Conference and Fair is shaping up to be a great event for both the renewables movement and for Traverse City. Please consider supporting and attending!
Friday, June 23rd evening, Movie/Panel Discussion on Electric Mobility – State Theater
Saturday, June 24th, TC Green Energy Conference – Northern Michigan College
Sunday, June 25th,  Michigan Energy Fair – NMC Aeropark, Cherry Capitol Airport
Schedule, events and speakers:
Hope to see you there!  Your friends at Northport Energy


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