Dem Blast of Feb 2 2017

These are troubling times.  We are witnessing changes in our government that most of us never imagined we would see.  I am sad at the world we are potentially leaving to our children……and I cannot sit by and watch.  We don’t have to – we can ACT!
The Leelanau Democratic Party IS being proactive, and if you want to act, we have vehicles for you to do so.
– If you are a letter writer, we have some former english professors who give great feedback and suggestions for our letter writers, and our Communications Committee is very active.
  – We have a Commission Watch group – our Commissioners need support for creating a Housing Taskforce, and to improve internet services in our County.
 – We need help with fundraising (to support our candidates next year!), so if you have experience with that – we’d love your help!!
 – Are you willing to run for a local office?  Please consider this – we have so many skilled people in our Party – we can make a difference in our communities!!   If we are going to take our Country back, we need to start in our own communities.
  – We have an Indivisible Team…….we have folks who are going to Representative Bergman’s office weekly for the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency.  We had 75 people at Congressman Bergman’s office tuesday!  We are collaborating with Democrats from Antrim, Charlevoix, Grand Traverse, Benzie and Manistee, as well as with other Indivisible Teams, to resist the right wing agenda coming at us.  If you are willing to show up with us at our Representative’s office – we need you!!
 – Rogan’s List is a GREAT resource if you want to make phone calls and/or act from home…’s available on the web –
  We will be having a Dish With Dem’s event this winter – watch the Enterprise, and our Dem Blasts.
 – We need your memberships!!  We fund our candidates from the dues we collect (and save between election years) from our members – we are even more aware how important it is for Democrats to run for Township and County positions, but it takes all of us to do this!!
We are working on how to reach out to you – any ideas?  What do you need from us?
Gwenne Allgaier
Chair, Leelanau County Democratic Party,
& the Leadership Team!


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