Some Guidelines: As we get started on this new venture, we may discover better ways to handle things, so please be patient and feel free to make suggestions. Your questions or suggestions may be directed to one of the page’s co-administrators, Jan Bauer or Janaia Erickson.All postings on the LCDP Bazaar Facebook site are “unshareable” to insure the goods/services being offered will remain in the LCDP group.  You may “buy” for a LCDP member who does not have a  Facebook account but who wants an item as long as the end result is a donation to the LCDP. Non-members who wish to participate are encouraged to join the LCDP.

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/612850232658821/

Donation Forms: Seller and Buyer Donation forms can be found here:
Seller – https://mcusercontent.com/b7c86ffa38cf2ca584b5428bb/files/cf879f60-babc-42e0-908c-d1f3652b2926/LCDP_BAZAAR_IN_KIND_DONATION_FORM.pdf
Buyer – 

They are also available on the “Announcements” section of the Facebook page. 

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