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From the Chair: MDP Messaging Guidelines

From the Chair: MDP Messaging Guidelines

This week’s messaging from the House Dems…..

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Hi, In this week’s guide, we will provide an overview and updates on what action is being taken at the state level, and what action is being taken at the federal level to combat COVID-19. We’ll provide talking points on what best practices look like as the COVID-19 crisis worsens, and what can be done to help. We will be communicating often on this topic as things rapidly change.

As always, we welcome your campaign or organization to reinforce these talking points in your own earned media, and encourage you to localize them as much as possible.

If you have ideas for messaging topics you’d like us to look into, please let me know. I look forward to working with everyone, in every part of the state, to take back the House – regardless of how we have to campaign.

Stay safe,

– Kate


March 27, 2020


  • Issue: 
    • COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Michigan and Federal action, next steps

Issue: Action Being Taken to Combat Coronavirus in Michigan and Nationally (with updates) 


Since our state has taken measures to combat COVID-19, our lives have been uprooted. Schools are not only shut down, but today, Gov. Whitmer stated that they are unlikely to reopen for the remainder of the school year. Unemployment benefits have been expanded, in Michigan and nationally as working people and businesses face a new and unprecedented reality. Governor Whitmer requested a disaster declaration from President Trump. If it is granted in full, the state will receive money to set up field hospitals, as well as funds to provide mental health care to those impacted by coronavirus, as well as money to help families with food and housing.

Today, the House voted to pass a $2 trillion coronavirus relief package, which President Trump signed. The package is the largest emergency aid bill in U.S. history. The bill will offer $1,200 checks to Americans, unemployment benefits for those out of work as a result of coronavirus, and relief to the healthcare industry. The bill will also provide much-needed relief to hard-hit hospitals, in the form of $100 billion. It will also include $3.8 billion to Michigan in local and in-state relief, secured by Michigan Senator Gary Peters. This bill will also offer $377 billion in federally granted loans to small businesses.



  1. We must continue to stay home, it saves lives

Hospitals in Michigan are reaching capacity as the coronavirus pandemic rages on. As hospitals hit capacity, the best way we can save lives is by following guidelines, continuing to self-isolate, and staying inside. Michigan is one of the states hit hardest by coronavirus, but we can bend the curve if we do what we’re supposed to. It’s crucial we self-isolate, and encourage others to do the same. 

  1. This crisis show us how essential working people are to our society

As coronavirus sweeps across the globe, it’s shedding light on the essential workers in our society. The lifesaving doctors, nurses, and emergency responders, are heroes in this crisis. So are those who keep our cities clean, deliver supplies, and who pick, stock, and sell us our food. As Democrats, we’ve spent decades fighting for working people, and now, more so than ever before, is the time to demand protections for them.

Sample Social Media:

(Please take this time to also amplify accurate, up-to-date social media from House Dems, the Governor, and reliable news sources. The more accessible accurate, up-to-date information is during this time, the better.)

Healthcare workers are on the frontlines of this pandemic every day, fighting for our families and communities as hospitals reach capacity.
They are relying on us to do our part.
Stay home. Save lives.
#COVID_19 #WhyIStayHome #DoingMIPart

Michiganders are resilient, strong, and have always looked out for each other.
In order to beat #coronavirus, we have to stay home, for the sake of one another.
We will get through this.
#COVID_19 #WhyIStayHome #DoingMIPart

From sanitation workers, to the workers who pick, stock, deliver, and sell us food, working people are on the frontlines of this crisis, risking everything to keep our families and our communities safe.
This is not unskilled labor.
It’s essential labor.

Don’t forget! The U.S. Census

Something you can do in self-isolation is fill out the U.S. Census. It takes about 10 minutes to complete, with about 5 minutes for each additional family member, and ensures your voice counts. The census can be completed online once you get your code in the mail.

This year’s census will determine how many House seats and Electoral College votes each state will have for the next decade. This will kick off the redrawing of Congressional district maps.

What does that mean for our state? According to an article in Politico:

“In Michigan, freshman Democratic Reps. Elissa Slotkin and Haley Stevens both hold Trump-won districts. If they win reelection in 2020, their districts could become even less friendly in 2022. Mapmakers, who likely will be forced to eliminate one district, are required to protect minority-majority districts, such as those held by Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Brenda Lawrence. That could deprive Slotkin and Stevens of much-needed Democratic votes.”

This will affect us here in Michigan, and it will affect the landscape of our entire country.

We’ll have more on this in future messaging guides.
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