Here Goes!

You may have noticed this website has changed,  New & Improved & still FREE!  And DEMOCRATIC!!

Also, you may have received a message to the effect that you are, hereby, a Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, or Administrator.  This anointment lets you enter by the staff entrance (

If you come in thru the staff door you can help maintain the site.  For example, if you found a Post marked Uncategorized, you could choose Edit and help Categorize it; and the staff door lets you edit your own posts to delete them or make corrections after you O0ps-Enter; and more!  Or maybe you know the info that goes where the ‘???’s are … like when is the next Blue Tiger food drive?  (I dunno.)   You could just put that in where the ‘???’s are, rather than e-mail me & make me go in and make that addition myself.  Don’t make me go rummaging thru my Inbox to try to find where (if?) I had been informed thereof.  Such like would be a big help.

If everything always has to go thru me to keep everything updated, I will be overwhelmed & annoyed; the site won’t fly; & we will be lucky to have (barely) gotten off the ground – where we are now.  And I would foresee our future trajectory as losing this little altitude now achieved; whereas, if all pitch in … we could really fly!

The WordPress software package on which this site is built has amazing capabilities, but if this venture is to succeed, it has to be a communal effort; WordPress is actually, itself, communally developed and maintained; and as Dems, IMO, we ought to be all about this ourselves.  As long as Larry is the author of every post on this site Larry regards this site as an abject failure.

So let’s go.

Fired up!  Ready to pitch in?!



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