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Indivisible Update

Indivisible Update

Subject: Leelanau Indivisible Election Countdown Activist Actions Week of July 13, 2020

Leelanau Indivisibles,
It’s only 112 days until the Presidential Election so we are entering a particularly critical time period. It’s imperative that no one get left behind. I am reaching out to extend my virtual hand to you so no one gets left behind and we can get to the finish line together.
Here’s our office hour schedule this week:

  • Coffee anyone?

Coffee & Conversations, Tuesday, July 14 at 9 a.m. Join us for banter while we wait for the caffeine to kick in.Register in advance for this meeting:

  • It’s Thursday night and I need something stronger than coffee:

Pints & Politics, Thursday, July 16 at 7 p.m. Join Zoom Meeting ID: 821 2390 6842Password: 340076
Here are some things we can do from now until November:

  • Volunteer to Phone Bank

“Phone Banking is the best choice for remote volunteering.”
I found a training just for people like me on Sister District called “Phone Banking for Introverts”
You probably find it difficult to believe that I am a phone introvert, but it’s true. According to Sister District, “introverts make the best phone bankers”.  Who knew????
So if some of you other introverts out there want to join the OneCampaignMichigan phone bank team here’s our chance. 
Phone bank! Phone bank! Phone bank!  
Weekend of Action to mark 100 days out on July 25-26, which we would LOVE to build for! Register using this link:
OneCampaign is in our last few days of Absentee Ballot chase, and then we’ll head into summer persuasion. Folks can sign up for phone banks here:
Phone banking is as important as it is effective and that’s why I am going to grit my teeth and learn to overcome my fears AND JUST DO IT!
Even if you’re not an introvert, please volunteer to help our progressive and blue candidates win in November.   Phone banking is a perfect way to make a difference.

  •  Volunteer to help a candidate personally by distributing yard signs, or door hangers, and/or literature:

Help is needed at all levels: Local, state, and national. Different candidates have varying degrees of help they need. Here are candidates who have reached out requesting help. Just e-mail them and ask how you can help.
County Commission (in order by District number)George Bowers [email protected]John Hunter [email protected]Lois Bahle [email protected]Ty Wessell [email protected]Patricia Soutas-Little [email protected]Gwenne Allgaier [email protected]Julie Morris [email protected]
Township (This list may be incomplete)Allison Zimpfer-Hoerr [email protected] (Bingham Trustee)John Sanders [email protected] (Leelanau Supervisor)Georgie Murray [email protected] (Leelanau Trustee)Gina Harder [email protected] (Leelanau Trustee)Susan Och [email protected] (Leland Supervisor)
Road CommisssionGarth Greenan [email protected]
101stBeth McGill-Rizer [email protected]
CongressDana Ferguson [email protected]Linda O’Dell [email protected]

  • Volunteer to Write Post Cards or Letters to get out the vote (GOTV) 

Sign up to be one of our million postcard to Michigan, post card writers.  Contact me [email protected] and Nancy Mason, [email protected] ASAP and we’ll get you started.

  • Write Endorsement Letters to the local papers.  

Your public endorsement of a candidate can have a tremendous impact on whether or not someone gets elected.  Candidate endorsement letters are restricted to 100 words and you can only have one letter in every 30 days.  Here are some of the local papers to consider (some depending on your location)
Leelanau Enterprise [email protected]News Advocate (Manistee) [email protected]Northern Express [email protected]Record Eagle [email protected]Record Patriot (Benzie) [email protected]Glen Arbor Sun [email protected]Ludington Daily News [email protected]

  • Be a Social Media Warrior!  StateWide Indivisible Michigan is partnering with DemCastUSA to create an army of Social Media Ambassadors in Michigan. They are looking for volunteers to spend 10 minutes a day amplifying posts on Twitter and FaceBook for our targeted Flip-The-House candidates. 

Here is the zoom registration link: