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  1. Larry Reply

    Without, Julie, this website would not exist in its current form – it was at her insistence and with her help that, in 2016, we undertook the remaking of this website to be “responsive” (varying in appearance and functionality according to the size of your device) and to make it otherwise more maintainable, accessible, and attractive.

    At her memorial service, yesterday, I was most struck to hear what she exclaimed with dismay when she learned of her dire diagnosis: “I have so much left to do!”

    I will very sorely miss her help and advice on the development of this website; and more than that, the time to get to know her better, more than the short time I had.

    Larry Hauser
    Website Administrator

  2. Cindy Hollenbeck Reply

    Thanks for this, Larry. She was an exceptional person. I only had one opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with her, and feel deprived of the potential friendship. Such a loss.

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