Don’t believe everything you hear …

. . . . . because if you heard that we were NOT going to have a Leadership Team meeting this coming Saturday, Nov. 5 — well, plans have changed!  You will be delighted to learn that we ARE having a Leadership Team Mtg this Saturday, 10 am at the Leland Library.  Yaay!
The reason is simple:  we need to go over last minute election plans, particularly for poll challenging on election day.  It’s very important that PDs attend this meeting if at all possible to go over poll challenging and get handouts!  Our agenda will be simple and the meeting will be short:
Chair’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Election Day — Poll Challenging
Food Drive November 12
Call to Convention on November 19
Nominating Committee
Anything else you would like on the agenda?
Take a deep breath, this amazing election is almost over!  See you soon, dear Friends.

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