Leadership Team & General Membership Meeting

11:00 A.M.     Saturday, August 3rd
Munekke Room, Leland Library
Please Join Us!
Lavora Barnes, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, will speak about the importance of the 2020 election & what is happening with the MDP.Get inspired & learn what you can do to make sure 2020 is another Big Blue Wave!  It’s all hands on deck.  Michigan is a crucial swing state the must go BLUE in 2020!

We will also take the final vote to authorize Gwenne Allgaier & Brigid Hart as Co-Chairs of the LCDP.  
Coffee and Cookies will be served.
Mark your calendars – See You There!

1 comment on “Leadership Team & General Membership Meeting”

  1. Victoria Gutowski Reply

    Go LCDP. Looking forward to meeting Lavora Barnes and here her 87 County strategy for 2020.

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