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Hi, The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the greatest challenges we’ve faced in a generation. 
Gov. Whitmer is enacting necessary, science-based measures to prevent the spread of the disease, yet know that there’s a lot more work to be done to ensure that Michigan families, small businesses, and frontline workers get the support they need.
That’s why this week, Michigan House Democrats introduced the Michigan Strong plan. Attached you will find additional resources.

This plan will expand access to healthcare, prioritize testing and treatment for victims of the coronavirus, expand relief for local businesses, and protect our first responders and frontline healthcare workers, making sure they get the personal protective equipment they need. 
The bottom line – it will ensure:

  1. Expanded access to healthcare
  2. Protections for the people who are protecting us
  3. Expanded relief for keep small businesses
  4. Resources for students and educators learning remotely
  5. A stronger democracy

Our party has always been the one that stands up for people in this state – and coming out of a pandemic, we’ll be the ones fighting for relief for those who need it most. Below is some sample social media to show your support for the Michigan Strong plan: 
I stand with House Democrats and their Michigan Strong plan, which will expand:🏥Healthy Michigan to provide quality and affordable health care for everyone without insurance🚑Protections for first responders📈The MEDC Small Business Relief Program to expedite assistance
#MichiganStrong In Michigan, we’re known for our hard work, resilience, and strength. We’ve gotten through everything thrown our way. @MIHouseDems have come up with a plan that will not only get us through this crisis, and help us build a stronger Michigan once we do.#MichiganStrong

There’s a lot of uncertainty right now, and people want real answers. That’s what the @MIHouseDems Michigan Strong plan provides – a plan to increase access to healthcare, support small businesses, and protect first responders.


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