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On to the General Election

On to the General Election

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To… Beth McGill-Rizer, winner of Michigan’s 101st District House of Representatives Primary AND Dana Ferguson, winner of the 1st Congressional District Primary!  Let’s all work as hard as we can to get these 2 great candidates elected!
To… John Sanders, who successfuly ran as a Write-In Candidate to represent the Democratic Party in the run for Leelanau Township Supervisor!  A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who spread the work to write in John’s name in the Primary!
To… All of the people who stepped up to run for office!  We know it is a lot of work and is often a daunting task. We salute you!
Learn the ways you can’t watch the Democratic National Convention here: Host a Watch Party on the 19th & 20th when Kamala Harris & Joe Biden accept their nominations!  Here are some links to assist you: Elected Leaders and Friends for Joe Biden: Host A Watch Party – WednesdayElected Leaders and Friends for Joe Biden: Host A Watch Party – Thursday
The Leelanau County Democratic Party strongly condemns the racist comments made by a former member of the Leelanau County Road Commison and echo’s Grath Greenan’s statement “The statements by Mr. Eckerle are completely and unequivocally unacceptable by any representative of the people of Leelanau County.”
Elect Garth Greenan & restore respect for the Leelanau County Road Commission!
Contact Garth here: [email protected]
Please let Garth know if you would like a Yard Sign too!
Susan Och is seeking a second term as Leland Township Supervisor.
Susan pevioulsy served as Leland Township Trustee and was president of the Lake Leelanau Community Association, as well as volunteering in many capacities.. Susan lives in the old farmhouse at the corner of M-204 and French Road with her husband Richard, where they have raised three daughters and now entertain three granddaughters. Experience Counts!  Leland Township has many moving parts, a testament to the peoples’ expectation that local government will be a tool for improving our lives. In easy times or challenging times, experienced leadership is a critical part of fulfilling that expectation.Collaboration is key! Once elected, we are responsible for everyone, not just our core supporters. Leland Township runs on volunteers; we need expertise from all backgrounds to make the most of our opportunities. Getting things done means building relationships with everyone from local neighborhood associations to state and federal governments. Procedures matter! Leland Township adheres to the Open Meetings Act and the Freedom of Information Act in order to ensure fair and transparent government.  Running the township “like a business” is just not an option. We also adhere to  policies on conflict of interest, disposition of property, procurement, etc. that minimize opportunities for self dealing. Township Government matters! In addition to the core statutory duties of administering elections, assessing, and collecting and distributing taxes, Leland Township cares for 21 park areas, four cemeteries, runs our well-appreciated Fire and Rescue Department, administers the sewer system, the harbor, our zoning department, and is responsible for sidewalks or non-numbered roads. There is work to be done! Leland Township faces challenges big and small. High water is threatening our beautiful coastline. A historic challenge to our assessing system is being fought at the Michigan Tax Tribunal. We are also defending the public’s right to access Lake Michigan. Covid has forced us to rethink everything from our meeting structure to our personnel policy. Climate change is producing more intense cloudbursts that strain our existing storm sewer systems and undermines our roads and infrastructure. At the same time, this is an era of great possibility. We will be drafting a new Master Plan in the next four years, and then revising our zoning ordinance accordingly. Lake Leelanau village has been transformed by MDOT road and bridge improvements. Leland village will be next, addressing the repaving of Main Street and storm water issues.  We are anticipating breaking ground on a community drainfield project for the Sunset Shores area of north Lake Leelanau, a project that we hope will provide a template for other lakeside communities. I hope that you will all vote for me and allow me the opportunity to continue to work on behalf of the community. Please call me at 409-2889 if you would like to host one of my yardsigns or support my campaign in other ways.

Learn about Lisa’s campaign and to request a yard sign, if you live in Leland Township, at her Facebook Page here: or go to her Web Site here:

From Allison Z:
I am heartened by the swift, vocal, and wide-spread responses that countered Eckerle’s hateful language.  Folks from across northern Michigan and beyond expressed outrage, threatened to take their dollars elsewhere, and drew a firm line between what is and is not acceptable.

It is important for us to outline acceptability and fight for a Leelanau County that honors the dignity of every community member and visitor.  We should be careful, however, to proclaim too much distance between “us” and the folks who didn’t speak out against or didn’t understand the profound violation of decency that occurred.  In a recent article, There Is No Such Thing as a ‘White Ally,’ Catherine Pugh, an attorney and former professor who worked for the

Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice, reminds us that racism belongs to and is the responsibility of white people- “What you do is not called ‘help’ when it is your mess we are cleaning.”

The dichotomy between “good” and “bad” white people is false.  And when white people focus on being “good” we neglect and deflect the ways in which we undoubtedly benefit from unearned privileges.  We center ourselves, we seek confirmation of our goodness, and we become defensive when we inevitably step in it.  We have the option of opting out of action, of awareness, and of accountability- we cannot opt out of the attendant advantages we are afforded exclusively on the basis of skin color.  

So yes, let’s thank the Road Commission members who asked that Eckerle resign.  Let’s give Governor Whitmer and other leaders air fives for their forthright denunciation.  And then, white folks, let’s take some deep breaths and commit ourselves in word and deed- behaviors and policies- to cleaning up our mess.  

Note: Please visit this 
link for concrete suggestions on actions to take and suggested shifts in framing and requests, post-resignation.Allison Zimpfer-Hoerr
Bingham Township Trustee candidate
[email protected]

Sign up to attend one of Allison Zimpfer-Hoerr’s (Allison Z) Virtual House Parties here:

If you would like request an Allison Z yard sign go here:
Leelanau County Commissioner Candidates
If you live in the District of one of these County Commissioner Candidates, please contact them if you would like a Yard Sign or wish to help them get elected by volunteering!

George Bower – District 1 / Elmwood Township

Facebook Page:  
John Hunter – District 2 / Bingham Township-Elmwood 2
Facebook Page:

Watch John’s Campaign Video here:
Lois Bahle – District 3 / Suttons Bay Township
Facebook Page here: Wessel – District 4 / Leelanau Township
Contact Ty at: 231-432-0066

Patricia Soutas-Little – District 5 / Leland Township
Facebook Page:
Gwenne Allgaier – District 6 / Cleveland, GlenArbor, Empire Townships
https://gwenneallgaierforcountycommissioner.coJulie Morris – District 7 / Kasson & Solon Townships
Facebook Page:

For information about all the Democratic candidates running for office in Leelanau County go to: and click the “Candidates” link.

Winning 2020  by: Beth McGill-RizerThank you, Leelanau Democratic Party, for your support!  Our work continues.  Our traditional ways of campaigning aren’t an option for us during a pandemic.  We are not knocking doors, but we are hanging door hangers.  The easiest way to do this is by tagging every door.  It is a fast, easy, contactless way to get our message out.  Barb Conley has door hangers available in Leelanau County.  We will be ordering additional signs, but ask that if you currently have a sign, that you remove it until September.  People tend to get “sign blind.”  When you replace the sign, if you could place it in a different location, that will help draw attention as well.We have set up a Virtual Phone Bank that is available from 10:00 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. daily.  We have a detailed script and recommend reviewing our Top 10 List on the front page of our website:  We are also asking that you do leave a voicemail message since many people screen their calls, there is a script for that included.  The following is the log information for the VPB:  http://openvpb.comIf you have never used a phone bank before, we will be happy to help you.  Reach us at [email protected] or (231) 480-1885.We continue to layer our message by utilizing email, print advertising, digital ads, radio, videos, and social media.  While we have done a few outdoor and virtual events, we do not expect to do indoor face-to-face events in this election cycle.  If you are interested in hosting either an outdoor event or a virtual event, please call.  We do require masks and social distancing at all in-person events. All of this requires money.  Your continued financial support is needed.  Please consider donating: have been generous with your time, talent, and treasure.  Your generosity brings us closer to our vision of a Michigan that works for all of us.  We want people to return to work and school safely.  We want our economy on the road to recovery, but we must address our public health crisis. Thank you again for all you do, and we look forward to the day when we can meet in person.Starting in Mid-September we will be taking the show on the road!
Your LCDP will be holding Pop-Up offices in select cities in Leelanau County where you can come and get signs, candidate literature, ask questions, and sign up to volunteer!  We will also have guest appearances by local and regional candidates. Stay tuned for a posting of the Pop-Up Office schedule indicating the time and place of these Pop-Ups

If you would like to volunteer to help at a Pop-Up, please reply with your name and contact information to: [email protected].We recently sent you an invite to donate to our “No Dinner, No Auction, No Picnic, No Worries” campaign in order for us to raise funds for our Candidates in this time of Covid.  Tickets to our Dinner this year would have been $60.00.  Please consider donating what you would have spent on the Dinner & Auction (we know it’s not as much fun 🙂.                                                                                Go to: Events & Membership Committee is looking for more members to join a fun and creative team who work to promote our LCDP mission.  Once again, Covid has changed the way we interact but nothing can stop us from working to create positive change!  Contact Kerry at:[email protected] or Sue at:http://[email protected]Please contact Cindy Hollenbeck at: http://[email protected] if you would like to volunteer to work on our future Pop-Up offices, deliver signs, drop door hangers for candidates, or volunteer to help with the 2020 campaign. Volunteer with the MDP’s ONE Campaign to make phone calls to voters. We can’t go door to door so phone calling will be more important than ever!  It’s easy to do and you can volunteer and get training from the comfort of your own home or front porch!  Go here to learn more: LCDP
P.O. Box 215
Empire, MI  49630
[email protected]

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