Walking Tour Summer 2019


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  1. Larry Reply

    Green energy is the way to go. Fossil fuels are a dead end. And I do mean DEAD! For our children’s children.

  2. Victoria Gutowski Reply

    I tried to leave a Comment in the Other category, but was unable to do so. I wanted to say Climate change

    • Larry Hauser Reply

      Yes, it would be great if you could fill in that Other and create a new category … but as is the only way to specify your other is in a Comment as you have done here. This is more in accord with the actual form of the WT survey, is an upside. I think this might be a limitation of the software. This is the free version. Also, this free version doesn’t allow us to limit responses to 1 per customer.

      I am looking for a free alternative to enable that; or else upgrading to Pro.

      • Larry Hauser Reply

        I have changed us over to a different free polling plugin. Give it a try Victoria.

  3. Victoria Gutowski Reply

    I am also able to vote numerous times. I really ought to be locked out. And Leon Trotsky is dead. You can’t fool me. Frida Kahlo

  4. Victoria Gutowski Reply

    I was able to add Other and my remark and it prevented me from voting a second time. Success.

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