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Dear Fellow Precinct Delegates,

First, it was great seeing so many of you at our PDs and Pizza Party last Wed. night.  What a great group!  And for those of you who couldn’t join us — you were missed.  And we’ll catch you the next time!  So now bear with me and please take a moment to read on. . . . . . .
Last June when we met and launched our Listening Tour, many of us were excited but a little unsure if we could really pull off visiting @ 1000 voters face to face.  But hard work, commitment and perseverance pay off.  The first attachment below shows our accomplishments:  we actually reached and spoke to 25% of our target audience, which statisticians tell us is remarkable for any sort of survey, including phone surveys (which are way easier to do).  In addition, we found out that 100 people have moved and 33 (!) have died, which is extremely valuable information to update our data base.  That info, combined with your feedback on what roads were impossible to find, places that weren’t accessible, etc. will save our candidates hours of time when they’re out canvassing.
And for the people that we did touch, what amazing and wonderful response we got.  Kathy Wiejaczka told us that she was turning away from a place that had a “no soliciting” sign, and the owner came running out and couldn’t wait to talk to her!  Fred Utting observed that people responded to the fact that their opinions matter, which will translate for many into the realization that their VOTE matters.  Yaay!  Other observations are on the second attachment.
So what’s next?  Fred Cepela is organizing a Focus Group of regular citizens (not PDs — we’re not “regular”, we’re amazing!).  He is looking for suggestions of individuals that you may have talked to that could be invited to a group to offer their opinions and issues of importance to them.  Please send names to Fred at:  [email protected].
As for us, use this downtime to attend your village and township meetings; get to know your clerks (you’ll need their help later); communicate with those who gave you their email addresses and invite them to Dem events like the candidate potluck after our January Leadership Team Meeting on Jan. 9, and call people in your area who write like-minded letters to the editor and thank them.  And get their emails!
Other ideas and thoughts, please send me an email or give me a call.  I’m proud of you, PDs, and so glad we’re on the same team.
[email protected] or 326-2636


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