Precinct Delegate Spring Round Up
Wednesday, April 18
5 pm at the VI Grill in Suttons Bay
Here’s what we’ll be doing:
1.  Have fun!  PDs are a great group, and it will be good to get together again.  (Appetizers compliments of the Party)
2.  Review basic PD responsibilities
3.  Sign up to get on the August ballot:  Michelle Crocker will be with us to notarize your applications
4.  Voters Not Politicians — do PDs have a roll in this?
5.  Establish an action plan and timeline for victory in 2018
Please RSVP to let me know that you can join us!!!!   We’re a great team — and we need all our players to win!
FIRED UP?  Ready to Win?  WOO HA!
Betsy Johnson
Head Wrangler

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