Precinct Delegates Ahoy!

Hello Fellow PDs,
First, many thanks to all of you who stepped up and made calls to absentee voters in Leelanau.  Guess what?  You made 597 calls, the second highest number in all of No. Michigan!!!!!So, far be it from us to slack off, we have another task to take on!  BIDEN POLITICAL SIGNS.  Let’s do it!!!!    The MDP has ordered Biden signs to be posted throughout the state.  In Leelanau we may get 30+ to put up.  We have 7 precincts in Leelanau, and 30 PDs, so I’m asking that at least one PD from each precinct offer to take a few signs to find good locations for them.  Now a lot more information needs to be determined before we do this:*  How many signs total will we get?*  When should they be put up?*  Where do we collect them?But please think if this is something you can do, and I’ll let you know when I need to know.
Second, the LCDP will not have a brick & mortar office this year — for a variety of reasons, mostly Covid related.  The idea of “pop-up” offices is being considered, and I thought perhaps we PDs could be very helpful in this effort.  If one or two PDs in each precinct offered to store candidates’ signs and political materials in their homes, these PDs could be the point persons in their precincts to hand out or deliver these materials as needed.  It’s an idea that needs to be fleshed out and decided by the leadership — but could you consider helping?
I hope I’m not being premature in asking you to consider helping with these efforts, but will you please let me know if you will consider being involved and how?   To decide if either of these plans would work, we need to know how many folks might be able to help.
So, fellow PDs, please respond to this email and tell me if you are able to help with signs and materials or not.  If not, that’s totally OK — but I would like to know how many volunteers we might have to work with.
Thank you, in advance, for responding and helping in any way you can.  Remember, we can each only do what we can do, and no one can do everything!!!
                                                          LEELANAU PDs:  WE’RE IN IT TO WIN IT!!!!!Many thanks to all,
BetsyPD Wrangler


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