Rally at the Open Space

There will be a rally today in the Open Space from 3 pm – 6 pm that is being organized by young people in our community.  They could also be there on Friday and Saturday as well.  Please bring your signs, properly social distance, and wear a mask, and show your support for the black and people of color communities. 

Our country is in crisis. Not only are we facing a pandemic, but we have a leadership vacuum in dealing with the systematic racism instilled in our institutions that are supposed to protect and serve.  
We are also seeing an unprecedented attack on our First Amendment rights, and a rollback of the protections on our right to vote.  
The only way to change the system, and have real progress moving forward is to elect the people who will work towards fundamental racial equality.  
Join DemCast,organizations and activists from across the country as we hold a Digital Rally, Thursday June 4 from 4-6 PM ET to protect our vote, because we literally are voting for our lives right now. How do you participate in a Digital Rally? Do one or more of the following between 6-8 PM EST, using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Post a selfie holding a sign that says #VoteForOurLives, post on social media using the hashtag #VoteForOurLives, and be sure to tag your elected officials.Post a short video sharing why you are planning to vote in November. Use the hashtag #VoteForOurLives and tag your elected officials. Post on social media with pre-made posts Search for the hashtag VoteForOurLives, and comment, share, RT, quote tweet and like others posts that are using the hashtag.  
Follow that up with concrete actions: Take 2 minutes and to send a letter to your Reps. We have made it easy to send a letter not only to your Senator (the House has already passed the Hero’s act, which includes this much needed funding) but also to your Governor and State Legislative Reps.*Call your Senator today at 1-888-415-4527 to ask her or him to pass the funding needed to protect our elections by implementing safe options for voters to cast their ballot.Reports show that we need at least $4 billion in federal funding for states to implement vote-by-mail programs, expand early voting and online and same-day registration, and to ensure the safety of voters and poll workers. Voting by mail or absentee ensures that the voters can participate in our elections without having to venture outside during the pandemic. And expanded early voting will ensure that voters that need to vote in person won’t be faced with long lines and massive crowds.  If we act together, we can win the funding that we need to secure our elections and make a real impact in the upcoming election, where every vote is counted. 
And lastly, read this article on how white people can be allies for our black brothers and sisters. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay active. The DemCast Team
Nick, Lori, and Jamie  
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