Taillard for Michigan Senate Fundraiser

Mike Taillard for Michigan Senate

Exclusive Campaign Fundraiser

When: April 28 from 6-8pm

Where: The Barn Hall in Cadillac, MI

What: An exclusive 6 course meal prepared by nationally-renowned celebrity chef Tony Matta.  Join Michigan Senate Candidate Mike Taillard for this very limited engagement to discuss the future of Michigan over the best food and drink available in Michigan.

Cost: Only 10 invitations are available to those who donate at a minimum of $500 per person.

How: Email [email protected]

This dinner is the culmination of all day Honoring the Troops festivities featuring fun & games for kids (8-noon);  followed (noon-4) by adult-friendly comedy featuring Brendon Lemmon, and beverages (free beer or BYO other);  $40 cover for the adult-friendly afternoon.  For fuller details click here (or see Larry’s Comment below).


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  1. Larry Reply

    8am-Noon: Families are invited to bring their kids for a morning of competitive events for people of all ages, including a Lego Corps of Engineers building competition, tournaments in games of strategy, tournaments in Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers, and a Chili Cook-Off. Winners will reign as champions of Northern Michigan in each competition. If the weather permits, basketball games and a playground are also available. Invitations to join each competition, or to become a judge in the Chili Cook-Off, are only $5, exempt for those with a valid CAC or VA ID. It is free to submit a chili to the cook-off, but competitors should register first by emailing [email protected].

    Noon-4pm: The main event is hosted by world-famous comedian Brendon Lemon, who has been featured live and on major networks across the US and Europe. Invitations to the event are available at the door for a $40 donation, and includes free entertainment, food, beer, and a silent auction. If weather permits, a free supervised playground will be available for kids so that parents can easily attend. Those with a valid CAC or VA ID are exempt from the donation.

    6pm-8pm: An exclusive 6-course dinner will be prepared by nationally-renowned celebrity chef Tony Matta. With only 10 invitations available they are reserved for those who donate $500 or more. Guests will be given an opportunity to discuss the details of Michigan’s future with Taillard in greater detail. Anyone interested in attending can request an invitation by emailing [email protected].

    Mike was in the Army and Ashley, his wife, is a disabled Air Force vet. He is dedicated to ensuring that those who’ve served are properly represented, as many have expressed concern over the serious lack of servicemembers in office.

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