Receiving the Baton

Dear Members of the Leelanau County Democratic Party, It’s on to a new year, and I could not be more proud to begin work with such a progressive bunch of folks.  It might not seem that way, because of my current circumstances, but I soon will be present and accounted for. 

Thank goodness for our Vice Chair, Brigid, for launching the new year.My wife, Sue, and I are on a massive babysitting assignment for our kids and grandkids in Hillsboro, OR.  It will keep us busy until February 12th.  We have never been “snowbirds” before, and I must tell you, I feel like a winter wimp.  

I want to thank Gwenne for the gracious introduction, but more for the dedication and leadership she has shown during her stint as Chairperson. She has moved us forward.  What terrific momentum she has fueled. I can only hope to continue the work that has taken place, and utilize the many talents of you good people to keep building on progressive values.  My gosh, what an arsenal of creative resources we have. 

In a subsequent message, I will take more time to introduce myself, but for now, I can only wish you a year filled with pragmatic action that moves our mission forward. This election we made laudable strides, and I know that the results have made us all hungrier for more.  True?  

At my core, I am a teacher, coach and facilitator. I’ve been known for my listening, creativity and enthusiasm.  I pledge to you that I will do my very best to help each and every member of our forceful tribe to accomplish and achieve.  Let’s make our citizenry, neighborhoods, townships and communities better for now and the future.  

Respectful Regards, Jeff Kessler, Leelanau Dems


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