Vote From Home

Nobody should be forced to choose between their health and their right to vote. That’s why the Michigan Democratic Party is encouraging voters to vote from home in the August 4 and November 3 elections. Every registered voter was recently mailed an absent voter ballot application by the Secretary of State or by their local clerk. We’re excited to share this video of Chair Barnes showing voters how to fill out and return the application, so that they can vote safely from home in August and November. We’ll be sharing this publicly soon but wanted to give you a sneak peek. Voting from home is a win-win! It keeps us safe and ensures that our voices are heard no matter what may come up on Election Day. It also makes polling places less crowded and safer for election workers and voters who choose to use them, especially those who may need assistance voting.  Choose to vote from home. It’s the safe, secure and accessible way to elect effective leaders for this critical moment in American history. Thank you!Onward!
Michigan DemsP.S. If for some reason you didn’t receive an absent voter ballot application in the mail, you can apply online if you have a Michigan driver’s license or state ID card here. Or you can download and print an application by clicking here.


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