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Fired up!  Ready to post! This is our new website.

Fellow Dems, you may have already received, or will soon receive, notification that you have been enrolled as a User at this site, with a designated role (

  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber

Administrators, such as Larry, can do pretty much everything; empower or disempower Users of whatever stripe; fundamentally change the look and processes of the site; pretty much everything.  Editors can edit the content of messages – even of messages not their own.  Authors can revise their own content & delete their own content.  Maybe Contributors can do similarly.  Subscriber is the bottom rung; anyone who wanders in off the web gets enrolled as a Subscriber, if their Comment passes muster.

Passing muster involves, in the first place, getting by the spam filter -yes there is blog-o-sphere spam; galore!  The first thing I did when this site went live was to install Akismet, a spam filter.  In the second place, posts are subject to Moderation: nothing goes up in the blog without having been approved by a Moderator (I believe Editors and Authors, besides Administrators are allowed to approve/disapprove Comments and Posts.  If you have User permissions already, I believe, your Comments and Posts are not subject to further moderation.)

Being empowered as a User of some stripe above Subscriber, invests you with powers to help in the maintenance of this website – please!  If you sawed some bad grammar wit dis message, you could correct dat, if you wus an Editor, fer instance.

Being empowered as a User of some stripe lets you come in thru the staff entrance, so to speak:  If you don’t want to be troubled about any such like, or are afraid you might touch something and the whole site will go kaflooey, just come in thru the front door


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