Why I Weep: A Lament Election Day 2016

Why I Weep: A Lament
Election Day 2016
By Sister Kathryn Cliatt, OP
The people have spoken
and their words are filled with venom and hate.
The people have spoken
and neighbors tremble in their homes
in fear of being driven from the land.
The people have spoken
and lovers of earth
are terrified that treasures of the “Beautiful Blue Planet”
will be sold to the highest bidder.
The people have spoken
and the poor and vulnerable
anticipate the loss of access to health care
are crippled by the certainty of being trapped in slums of poverty
dread friends and loved ones being needlessly murdered in the streets.
The people have spoken
and women experience the oppression of the glass ceiling being lowered
of all claims to equality being lost,
of being owned again.
The people have spoken
and African Americans reel from flashbacks of history
of physical, mental and spiritual abuse
of life having no value
of slavery.
My God, my God, how can you forgive us?
Our loving God waits patiently for us to turn our hearts and minds to the Divine loving touch of healing, transforming – so that
our hatred becomes love
our vengeance becomes forgiveness
our enemy becomes our friend
our Earth becomes our Mother
all creatures become our brothers/sisters of creation.
Our God will never abandon us.


2 comments on “Why I Weep: A Lament Election Day 2016”

    • Larry Reply

      As for myself – while I like this poem a lot, I do take issue with the premise that “the people have spoken” since less than 30% of eligible voters voted for The Donald and Hillary actually won the popular vote. Across our state and nation, gerrymandering and voter suppression are used by Republicans to thwart the power of the people.

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