Write in John Sanders for Leelanau Township Supervisor

We are excited to announce that John Sanders is running as a Democratic “Write In” candidate for Leelanau Township Supervisor!

So we need YOUR HELP to spread the word to anyone you know who lives in Leelanau Township that they should write in “John Sanders” on their Primary Ballots, in the Democratic section of their ballot, under Township- Supervisor and fill in the circle next to his name.  Leelanau Township encompasses Northport and Omena.  You might know someone who lives in Cherry Homes or the Gill’s Pier areas which are both part of Leelanau Township.
AV Primary Ballots are being mailed now so it is imperative that all our Democratic friends know to write John Sanders in the Democratic section of their ballots before returning them to their clerk.  Of course, if someone is planning on voting in person on August 4th, Primary Day, they should also write in John Sanders name.  

Important points, in order for the “write ins” to count – one must (see image below):Write John Sanders in the Democratic Party Section of their Ballot in the space provided under Township, Supervisor.Write John Sanders in an easily legible form.Fill in the circle next to his name.If you vote ” Straight Party” you would still need to write in John Sanders There is a threshold of votes that John will need to qualify for the nomination and appear on the November ballot so we need all Leelanau Township Democrats to vote in the primary and to write in John Sanders in the Democratic section of their ballots, under Township- Supervisor, in a legible manner, and fill in the circle next to his name!  
Spread the Word!

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