Gwenne Allgaier writes:

The final stages of capitalism, Karl Marx predicted, would be marked by global capital being unable to expand and generate profits at former levels. Capitalists would begin to consume the government along with the physical and social structures that sustained them. Democracy, social welfare, electoral participation, the common good and investment in public transportation, roads, bridges, utilities, industry, education, ecosystem protection and health care would be sacrificed to feed the mania for short-term profit. These assaults would destroy the host. This is the stage of late capitalism that Donald Trump represents.

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  1. Sandra Pritchard Reply

    Great summation of where America and the global economy stands. The greedy and powerful few don’t care one whit about “Destroying the host”, the “host” being the democracies they reside in, the Earth that we rely on, and/or the institutions that produce the human capital and infrastructure they consume.

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