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Two Events Upcoming

Mark Your Calendars Mark Your Calendars For These 2 Important Events! Saturday, January 26th.   Come and chat with Senator Gary Peters at the Bayside Coffee Shop in Suttons Bay, January 26th at 10:00.  Sip some coffee and join in a conversation about issues that are important to you!  Saturday January 19th       Dean Robb insisted, “No funeral!” Do a party!”Please

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Beware Opportunism! So what then is the lesson to be learnt? A waiting attitude, passive adaptation and manoeuvring, all incomprehensible to workers, render the best service to our opponents. A revolutionary policy cannot but be offensive with regard to reformists and centrists. In the sphere of pure manoeuvres, the machine is ten thousand times more powerful,

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2019 Ho!

Happy New Year to All……It has been an honor to serve the Leelanau Democratic Party as Chair for the last two years.  Our Party has a hard working and dedicated Leadership Team, whose members do the year around work to make all of our events happen and run smoothly, raise funds for our candidates, organize

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