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Dr. Evil RE: Whitehouse Security

President Trump: I don’t want to criticize. Walls are nice.  And who doesn’t love “vicious dogs” … they go so well with walls.  As far as they go. And I am a big fan of “unimaginable weapons” as you know. Frickin’ “lasers”! Nevertheless, you need to enhance the security of your underground lair.  Besides a […]

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Urgent Activist Action Against Brandishing Firearms at the State Capital

From: Victoria Gutowski Date: Thu, May 14, 2020 at 8:32 AMSubject: URGENT ACTIVIST ACTION: Please use the attached link and share with your networks Jamie Carter from Demcast made a campaign for us where we can click on a link and send letters to lawmakers regarding the unlawful brandishing guns in the State Capitol.  Please sign and […]

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Why I Weep: A Lament Election Day 2016

Why I Weep: A Lament Election Day 2016 By Sister Kathryn Cliatt, OP The people have spoken and their words are filled with venom and hate. The people have spoken and neighbors tremble in their homes in fear of being driven from the land. The people have spoken and lovers of earth are terrified that […]

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