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Write In John Sanders for Leelanau Township Supervisor

ATTENTION RESIDENTS OF LEELANAU TOWNSHIP: IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE YOU VOTE John Sanders is running for Leelanau Township Supervisor on the Democratic ballot as a write in candidate.  He will need 70 write in votes in the August 4th primary for his name to appear on the November ballot.  There are no other candidates for this […]

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Write in John Sanders for Leelanau Township Supervisor

We are excited to announce that John Sanders is running as a Democratic “Write In” candidate for Leelanau Township Supervisor! So we need YOUR HELP to spread the word to anyone you know who lives in Leelanau Township that they should write in “John Sanders” on their Primary Ballots, in the Democratic section of their ballot, under Township- Supervisor and fill in the circle […]

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Dr. Evil RE: Whitehouse Security

President Trump: I don’t want to criticize. Walls are nice.  And who doesn’t love “vicious dogs” … they go so well with walls.  As far as they go. And I am a big fan of “unimaginable weapons” as you know. Frickin’ “lasers”! Nevertheless, you need to enhance the security of your underground lair.  Besides a […]

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How to Post

You must be registered as a User and logged in to Post.  (see previous) When logged in you have access to the Dashboard mode.  From the Dashboard choose Post under New (on the top bar) or Add New under Posts (in the left menu). You are now in the Post Editor.  Here you can type […]

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Here Goes!

You may have noticed this website has changed,  New & Improved & still FREE!  And DEMOCRATIC!! Also, you may have received a message to the effect that you are, hereby, a Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, or Administrator.  This anointment lets you enter by the staff entrance ( If you come in thru the staff door you […]

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How to Blog

Fellow Dems, you may have already received, or will soon receive, notification that you have been enrolled as a User at this site, with a designated role ( Administrator Editor Author Contributor Subscriber Administrators can do pretty much everything; empower or disempower users of whatever stripe; fundamentally change the look and processes of the site; […]

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